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courage & refinement: the householder path with gina minyard, e-ryt 500
Rather than the detached yogi turning away from the world that is an obstacle to spirituality, the householder aligns with the intelligence and creative potency of life to refine their bodies, minds, and hearts to engage more deeply in life and its stewardship. The practices of yoga are the means to this refinement, and the householder discovers in an unending and ever-unfolding process what is more clear, true, authentic and powerful about themselves. It takes courage to embrace the energies of dissolution and creation, because refinement means CHANGE - but through this fire, the nectar of wholeness, connection, and purpose unfolds. Join Gina Minyard to learn more about the householder path of spirituality in the greater yoga tradition, and the practices of yoga that support it. All levels welcome.

11:00am - 1:30pm
Courageous Change: Backbends
Connect to the power of your core to open your heart from deep integration.

3:00pm - 5:30pm
Attuned Refinement: Hip Openers and Twists with Breathwork and Meditation
Center and ground through your bones and open to the deeper currents of life’s intelligence.

Early bird pricing through July 20: $70 both sessions / $40 single
Standard rate: $75 both sessions / $45 single

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