Yogafly Apprenticeship Program

For those who want the most personal attention, to sharply narrow their focus, and yield the most personalized results.

This program is for highly motivated, dedicated students of yoga with self-starter personalities who wish to engage in an intimate teacher/apprentice relationship.

Program includes:

  •  Weekly individualized meetings with Peach
  •  The opportunity to assist Peach in classes & workshops
  •  A plethora of resources, including a 200+ page manual, articles, videos, and more

You get:

  • Regular and personalized feedback on your teaching skills & your practice
  • The opportunity to personalize your teacher training experience, whether you are just beginning the journey or refining your skills
  • 200 or 300 hr certification (depending on level)

How it works:

You will work one-on-one with Peach through private mentoring, assisting, weekly meetings, email, Skype, and participating in workshops. You will receive the utmost level of personal attention on your progress as a teacher and your own personal practice. You will read books, write papers, and when/if you are ready, teach classes.  Together with Peach, you'll map out a 4-6 month timeframe to complete the apprenticeship, and together will journey deep into the practices of yoga.  


  • Minimum 2 years of dedicated practice


  • 200 hour level includes 

You’ll know how to:

  • Sequence & teach a vinyasa flow yoga class
  • Assist & adjust bodies
  • Offer modifications in mixed-levels group classes

You’ll also have an understanding of:

  • The history and lineage of yoga
  • The eight-limb path
  • The alignment of many common postures of vinyasa yoga
  • A variety of pranayama (breathing) practices
  • The bhandas (or locks)

And you will be inspired to:

  • Share what you have learned
  • Continue deepening your own practice both on and off the mat


* Requires $500 non-refundable deposit at time of application (deposit returned if deemed not a good fit for the program). Includes unlimited yoga classes at Yogafly during the 4-6 month length of the Apprenticeship, a $400-$600 value.

peach friedman

E-RYT 500


Peach Dumars is an author, teacher, public speaker, mother, wife, deep dreamer, poet, and chocoholic.  She brings curiosity, passion, clarity & knowledge, and compassionate patience to her yoga classes and her trainings. 

Peach’s yoga practice began in 1996 with a deep curiosity about her spiritual and physical identities. As her passion for yoga grew, she earned her BA from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, studying contemplative psychology, traditional eastern arts, and creative writing. While teaching private yoga in homes up and down the 101 and 280 freeways, Peach met her husband in a small pub in Menlo Park, California.  She followed him to Sacramento where she spent the next three years studying yoga with Cori Martinez and Anne Marie Kramer. 

Peach has continued to study and teach the system of yoga full time since her introduction in 1996. She has taught beginners and advanced students in yoga centers, men and women in recovery for eating disorders, private lessons, workshops and retreats from California to Alabama.

"I love vinyasa yoga because it’s creative and evolving: the practice can meet me in whatever form I need that day ... sometimes slow & deep, sometimes fluid & rhythmic, but always full of breath."

Peach’s classes teach detailed and subtle alignment of the asana (postures) without obsessing on doing it “right.”  She allows space for all bodies to find their own modifications as appropriate, and guides students through the qualities of patience, finding your first edge, and listening to & honoring the body’s individual voice above all else.  Peach uses music & humor to bring lightness to the practice, and her students feel empowered, inspired, and happy after class.

As a teacher trainer, she aims to help aspiring teachers to find their own voice through their unique experience.