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Vinyasa yoga links breath with movement to create an experience of flow. These dynamic classes teach alignment while moving through progressive sequences of postures linked together.

Hatha classes emphasize form and technique. With a focus on alignment, these grounding practices develop pose proficiency via careful attentiveness.

Level 1 are comfortably paced classes featuring basic postures and sequences. For beginners, or anyone looking for a simple, grounding practice. No experience necessary.

Level 1/2 builds on the foundation of our Level 1 classes, and is ideal for developing beginners. Some yoga exposure recommended.

Level 2 is a solid intermediate level class. You should know the Suryanamakars (sun salutations) by heart, and have good pose knowledge. Recommended 6 months minimum dedicated practice.

Fly Flow a playful approach to vinyasa yoga, this all-levels flow class invites you to connect to yourself through the rhythmic movement of your body with your breath. Come as you are and enjoy a fun sequence and playlist!

Rise & Shine this open-level class will prepare you to greet the day by offering movement and focus. Awaken with sun salutations, followed by a blend of flow- and alignment-based yoga styles. This balance between vinyasa and hatha yoga will get you moving and breathing, and will leave you feeling strong and ready for what’s ahead. All classes accompanied by music.

Yin yoga includes passive & deep postures that are held for several minutes, targeting the connective and soft tissues of the joints. Perfect to practice on days when you need extra grounding, or when your body is tired, stiff, or sore.

Vin-Yin: in this open level class, you will seek balance through gentle flow followed by yin poses.

Kundalini Yoga is an uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices. It cultivates a strong and flexible body, while helping to clear the chatter of our minds. Students can expect strong movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and chanting.

Private Classes are available for those who want one-on-one attention to address injuries, specific alignment questions, or simply prefer the attention of a close teacher-student relationship. Also available for groups, including sororities, businesses, bridal showers, and more!

Class Rates

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