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Intro to Astanga with Tal Peretz

This 8 week series with Tal Peretz provides an introduction to the system of Astanga yoga.

Meets every Monday in Sept + Oct from 6pm-7:30pm.

$108 for Members; $128 for Non-Members

Starting from the ground up, this workshop series will introduce students to Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, a method of yoga that progressively builds from easy to very challenging as you build strength, flexibility, stamina, knowledge, and mental clarity. By focusing on a sequence of postures and transitions practiced with attention to the breath and internal body, the Ashtanga method will help you find a deeper understanding of your body, self, and yoga practice. It creates an intense physical practice, internal heat, a strong supple body, and a calm mind. Ashtanga can transform your yoga practice, but it can also transform your life!

Workshop education will include:
-A comfortable, accepting class environment in which to learn about a method of yoga that may not be familiar
-One dedicated night a week with 90 minutes of workshop instruction
-Individualized ‘homework’ for home practice between group classes
-A take-home guide to the sequence, with individualized notes for your own unique practice
-Hands on assistance with and modifications of the postures as needed
-Didactic instruction on key concepts such as bandhas, drishti, vinyasa, and ujjayi pranayama
-Preparation for Mysore style and self-guided practice

Because of it’s progressive nature, where each class and each posture builds on the last, this series is ideal both for beginners and advanced students looking to refine their practice. While Ashtanga is known for it’s intense, physical, type-A personality practice, it is also fantastic at individualized, personal practice for beginners, those recovering from injury or trauma, etc., and this workshop will be led with a sense of fun, flexibility, and friendliness.

About the instructor: Born to an Iyengar yoga teacher, Tal has been practicing some form of yoga for most of his thirty-odd years on this beautiful planet. He is always striving to make his classes safe, exciting, and enriching through encouragement and individual attention. He brings variety, creativity, and humor to his classes, along with a sense of compassion that makes students feel more comfortable during class. Believing that no one knows your body better than yourself, Tal encourages you to make the practice your own. He wants you to take yoga with you, off the mat, out of the studio, and into every aspect of your life; that is where the true importance of what we do on the mat is found.

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